In studies of over 5000 women involving comparisons of outcomes with and without such support [from Doulas], we have seen a major reduction in the length of labor, a greater than 50% drop in cesarean sections, [and] a remarkable drop in the mothers' need for pain medication...   The Doula Book p.4  Scroll to bottom for more great quotes from The Doula Book.
As women and family advocates, Doulas are often willing to trade or barter for their services.  We believe finances should never block a woman from retaining the support she desires for her labor or postpartum time frame.
Doulas in SouthEast Idaho
*Most Doulas will travel to the two nearest hospitals, some are willing to travel further.  Also, many doulas have a sliding fee and may be willing to barter or trade for their services, based on need.
Name, email, phone, home location, [# of personal natural (unmedicated) births], {# of births attended}

Pocatello/Blackfoot Area

Megan Stover           (208) 251-4380       Pocatello, Idaho
 DONA trained 2014        [2]         {2}

Dana Kmetz             (208) 240-0050       Inkom, Idaho
working toward DONA Certification                                   [3 (1 @ home)]          {8}

Natalie Permann    (208) 479-6392      Rockland, Idaho
CD(DONA)since 2010                                                    [2]          {30}

Jessica Falevai                       (208) 479-3983      Pocatello, Idaho
DONA trained 2012                                                        [ ?]           {0}

Jamie Neeser            (208) 589-0426      Pocatello, Idaho
working toward DONA Certification                                   [0]          {2}

Angela Geurts, NCTMB             (208) 637-1343     Pocatello, Idaho                    [6 (2 @ home)]  {16 doula/122 M}

Allie White                        (208) 221-4277     Pocatello, Idaho
Birth and postpartum, birth photography                       [3]          {15}

Joyce Polatis                   (208) 339-5355     Blackfoot/Pingree, ID
DONA trained 2012                                                      [7?]           {1}

Laura Lind            (208) 604-0885    Blackfoot/Pingree, ID
DONA trained 2012              VBAC Mom after 2 C-sections                [2]             {2}

Marcia Mecham             (208) 681-5385     Blackfoot/Pingree, ID
DONA trained 2012                                                                              [0]              {2}

Whitney Panton    (208) 241-9812       Pocatello, ID
Doula/Labor Support-6 yrs experience    Birthing from Within - 2007        [4]          {6}   
facebook: whitney jo gaved panton 

Soda Springs
Laura Lind            (208) 604-0885    Caribou County, ID

DONA trained 2012              VBAC Mom after 2 C-sections                [2]             {2}

Magic Valley Area
Natalie Permann, CD   (208) 479-6392     Rockland, Idaho
DONA Certified Birth Doula since 2010, Hypnobirthing educator                  [2]        {20}

Alicia Thompson       (208) 650-6469     Rupert, Idaho
DONA trained, awaiting certification [5 (3 @ home)] {8}

Idaho Falls Area

Allison Tolman        (307) 272-7801       Idaho Falls, Idaho
Doula (trained ICEA), CLC (trained TALPP), LPN         [  ]             {   }

Mechelle Gilbert          BabySavvyServices.Com       (208) 243-4662    Idaho Falls, Idaho
DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator,                 [1]            {10}
Lactation Educator (The Simkin Center @ Bastyr University),
MotherWoman Support Group Facilitator:

Tanda Owens (208) 524-6840 or (208) 360-6493   Idaho Falls, ID
DONA trained 2012                                                                                     [ ]           {1}

Anna Russell        (208) 201-3531       Ucon/Idaho Falls, ID
DONA trained 2012                                                                                     [1]         {2}

Elan Eddington       (208) 270-6517        Idaho Falls, ID
DONA trained 2013

Upper Valley
Neeley Bowen       (208) 705-6078       Rexburg, ID
Doula in training

Meagan Portmann  (208) 206-1049   Rigby, ID 

Leigh Short, HCHI, HCHD (hypnobabies)    Rigby, ID
Birth & Postpartum        (208) 697-7115

Katy Willis, RN, HCHI, HCHD     Doula services            (208) 569-4273             Rexburg, ID
[2013]                     [ 1 ]          { 1 }

Tracy Ward               (208) 390-9511     Rigby, ID
Birth Doula                                                                                                [4]          {75}

Kelly McKamey              (208) 709-0123      Rexburg, ID
Birth Doula since 1996                                                                                 [4]          {120}

Brookie Smith            (208) 359-1384      Rexburg, ID
CD (DONA)            VBAC Mom after 3 C-Sections                                  [2]         {13}

Saychelle Youngberg  (208) 206-8194  Rexburg, ID

Teton Valley/Jackson

Dani Boettcher               (847) 239-0817      Driggs, ID
Birthingway Trained 2008   facebook: Born in the Tetons 
                                                                                                                    [1]         {5}

Liz AlvaRosa                  (208) 201-4965      Driggs, ID           
Birth & Postpartum                     (208) 787-2096     [2]        {75}

Jennifer Hitch                    (307) 699-1276       Victor, ID
worked as a CNA in L&D, DONA trained 2012                                           [?]       {1}

Suzanne Leusch, CAS  (208) 201-6872   Victor, ID
Postpartum doula since 2008                                        
 [1]      {12}

Rachel Wigglesworth                  (307) 732-0413   Jackson, WY
CD (DONA) Birth & Postpartum Doula
                        [2]      {50}

Andrea Weenig                 (307) 413-0479   Jackson, WY
CD (DONA)                                  3 home births         [4]       {35}
"When embarking on one of the most meaningful experiences of their lives--the birth of their first child--a couple fantasizes about what the labor and delivery will be like.  They may have a dream of how it will be--perhaps hoping that this pregnancy and birth will be all their own, something they do together without anyone else's interference.  At the same time, they will have fears.  On the one hand, they may picture being alone together, with the father being the main helper and support... and going through labor without interventions or interruptions and then enjoy quiet time with their new baby.  On the other hand, they may worry about pain, loss of control, problems for the baby, or life-threatening complications.
Given these hopes and fears, all mothers and fathers need emotional support and help during labor.  Much of this support they can provide to each other... But when two people share an emotional bond and an ongoing relationship, it is very difficult for that companion to remain continuously objective, calm and removed to some degree from the mother's discomfort and fears, or any danger to her.
For these reasons, every woman in labor needs not only the father or partner but also a nurturing, experience person--a doula--who can calmly and skillfully help her cope with labor and be a reassuring and constant presence for both her and the father.  The doula gives a level of support different from that of a person who is intimately related to the woman in labor...  These two types of support complement each other...
{The training of a doula emphasizes quiet reassurance and enhancement of the natural abilities of the laboring woman.}...In asking fathers to be the main support, our society may have created a very difficult expectation for them to meet."    
                                    The Doula Book, Klaus, Kennell, & Klaus, 2nd edition, 2002  p.5-7